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Governance and Structure
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  NNEPQIN Operating Principles NNEPQIN Structure
Corporate Structure:
The Northern New England Perinatal Quality Improvement Networks (NNEPQIN) is a voluntary consortium of organization with equal voice that practices governance by consensus. Each organization signs a memorandum of understanding for three years. Each organization has two voting members.
Voting Mechanism:
  •  Unless otherwise assigned internally by the member organization, the voting members of NNEPQIN will
    consist of the Chair of Obstetrics, the Nurse Manager of Obstetrics and the Chair of Pediatrics. These
    individuals may delegate voting authority to another person. The individual voting has the authority to
    vote at the meetings.
  •  Voting will be public and at meetings. Individuals unable to attend a meeting may submit their vote prior
    to the meeting via email.
  •  Votes will not be individually assigned unless there is less than a 75% majority vote in favor of an item.
    In this case, the votes will be recorded.
  •  In rare cases concerning important legal or foundational matters, such as governance, the Steering
    Committee may determine that paper ballets are indicated.
Voting by NNEPQIN membership occurs for the following:
    Changes in dues
    Changes in operating principles or governance structure
    Expenditures over $5000, excluding hotel contracts for major conferences, unless conference is slated to
    lose > $2000.
    Election of members at large for the Steering Committee and Directors.
NNEPQIN Directors:
NNEPQIN Directors consist of the following individuals, who are elected for 3 year terms. Their duties and responsibilities are described below.
    Medical Director: Is accountable for all decisions made by the group.
    Executive Director: Oversees administrative work, approves expenditures and manages finances.
    Operations Director: Oversees the planning of all meetings and projects.
Steering Committee:
    The Steering Committee is composed of the 3 Directors, Chairs of each of the Subcommittees and an
    additional 4 members-at-large, elected from the NNEPQIN membership.
    Members-at-large of the Steering Committee serve for 2 year terms. It is anticipated that each member-
    at-large will participate in at least 1 subcommittee.
    Oversees all operations of NNEPQIN including improvement initiatives, conferences and publications.
    Must approve all major decisions by the subcommittees.
    Authorizes all expenditures > $1000.
    Meets monthly; members are expected to attend at least 50% of meetings.
    Steering Committee makes decisions considering the input of the Advisory Council (to be created) and
    from NNEPQIN Business meetings. Members agree to follow the mission of NNEPQIN to the best of their
    Steering Committee ultimately answers to membership, which can ask for a recall election.
Advisory Board: (to be created)
A national board composed of individuals from a broad range of interests, who meet annually to help guide NNEPQIN regarding topics/areas of interest and provide input for major decisions.
Membership to NNEPQIN is via a signed Memorandum of Understand (MOU). The MOU will be revised every three years based on feedback from member institutions or when legally necessary. The Executive Director and Medical Director, along with Counsel through The Hitchcock Foundation (THF), will be responsible for updating the MOU.
  Data Committee (To be created)
ο  Purpose:
    ⟩  Create and update Data Use and Policy Manual
    ⟩  Approve data requests
    ⟩  Approve data collection forms
    ⟩  Ensure that our operations are following all appropriate local and national rules.
  ο  Frequency: Minimum quarterly, more frequently as required.
  ο  Composition: Medical Director and additional individuals as appropriate.
  Conference Planning
  ο  Purpose: Plan and execute conferences
    ⟩  3 year plan to ensure follow up
    ⟩  Complete Continuing Medical and Nursing Education Applications
    ⟩  Maintain vendor relationships
  ο  Frequency: monthly
  ο  Composition: Operations, Executive and Medical Directors. Administrative assistants and conference
    planners from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Fletcher Allen Health Care and providers and
    nurses from member organizations.
  Guideline and Project Committee (To be created)
  ο  Purpose:
    ⟩  Identify areas of clinical care where a NNEPQIN guideline could be beneficial.
    ⟩  Work with Conference Planning to invite experts in these areas to speak at Continuing Education
    ⟩  Coordinate guideline development.
  ο  Frequency: Minimum quarterly, more frequently as required.
  ο  Composition: Steering Committee Members, Operations Director, Medical Director and additional
    members appointed by either the membership at large or the Steering Committee.
  Confidential Review and Improvement Board (CRIB)
  ο  Purpose: Perform confidential case reviews as defined in the document: NNEPQIN CRIB
  ο  Frequency: Year one - twice; after that as needed
  ο  Composition: NNEPQIN Medical Director, Obstetrician Chair, etc per structure chart, and two individuals
    appointed by each organization that sends in cases for review
  Future Committees
  ο  Community and Payor Relations
  ο  Grants and Publications

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